Hawk Pointe Golf Club, NJ Wedding | Jenny + Jacob

When Jenny and Jacob were standing for their wedding ceremony at Hawk Pointe Golf Club, holding their hands, tears in their eyes, the whole guests felt their love for each other. When they look at each other you feel that worm stare, possibly hearts in the center of their eyes! Jenny and Jacob’s wedding at...

The Grandview Poughkeepsie NY Wedding | Kristina + Rich

Beautiful scenic Grandview Poughkeepsie, NY celebrating Kristina and Rich. Kristina and Rich’s wedding day was fun, sweet and fabulous like the couple. And Kristina and Rich gets bonus points for going out for a night rain shot, which came out AMAZING! Kristina and Rich’s The Grandview Poughkeepsie NY wedding photographed by Steve | Pearl Paper...

City Winery Hudson Valley NY Wedding | Julie + Paul

We are at scenic City Winery Hudson Valley NY to celebrate Julie and Paul. Julie and Paul did a small ceremony and were already married but they decided to do wedding number two so that they can party with their family and friends.  Rain held off for their outdoor wedding ceremony on the field of...

The Park Savoy, NJ Wedding | Brittany + Steven

Brittany and Steve’s The Park Savoy wedding, the couple got ready onsite here at The Park Savoy then we walked around the back garden for wedding photos. Brittany and Steven got married at the gorgeous Chapel onsite at The Park Savoy. 

Nanina’s in the Park, NJ Wedding | Lauren + Jacob

Two super stylish and hip rock star couple, Lauren and Jacob tied the knot at Nanina’s in the Park. Lauren and Jacob’s wedding at Nanina’s in the Park filled with laughters, many happy tears and partied like rock stars! Lauren and Jacob Naninas in the Park, NJ Wedding photographed by Steve | Pearl Paper Studio. 

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