Engagement | Christie + Jay | Keyport, NJ

Perfect Winter engagement session with Christie and Jay along with their two adorable puppies taking a stroll around their neighborhood in Keyport, NJ. Christie and Jay lived in a neighborhood where it was so picturesque that we didn’t have to plan or travel far for their engagement photos. When it got too cold, we stepped...

Engagement | Agnes + Ying | Lavender By the Bay, NY

There is something soothing and magical about Lavender field. The look, smell and color of Lavender brings you right back to your sweet childhood moments. Out of all our awesome couples, Agnes and Ying brought up the idea of Lavender field for their engagement session, and here we are at Lavender By the Bay in East...

Engagement | Sherin + Albie | NJ Botanical Garden

Love love Sherin and Albie’s sensibly coordinated outfits! Mixture of Teal & mint green, navy blue & grey looked amazing on them. Had so much fun walking and running around NJ Botanical Garden with these two.  Photography: Steve Location: NJ Botanical Garden

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