Wedding | Victoria + Michael | Crystal Springs Resort, NJ

Crystal Springs Resort is an upscale golf resort near Mountain Creek ski area serves as wedding venue located North West in Hamburg New Jersey celebrating Victoria and Michael's wedding reception captured by MJ from NY & NJ Wedding Photographers Pearl Paper Studio.

There are weddings that we look forward to and there are weddings that we CAN NOT wait to be part of, Victoria and Michael’s wedding at Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg, NJ was that wedding celebration that we couldn’t wait photograph. We are beyond happy for one of the sweetest couple, the most awesome pair...

Engagement | Lina + Michael | Hoboken & Jersey City, NJ

Hoboken and Jersey City NJ engagement session with Lina and Michael captured and photograph by Steve from New York & New Jersey Wedding Photographers Pearl Paper Studio.

Lina’s fuchsia dress during the engagement session was so lovely against NYC scape in Hoboken and Jersey City waterfront. Together with Lina and Michael we wandered around Hoboken Train Station, enjoyed the view of New York City and walked the old cobble stone street in Jersey City.  Photography: Steve Location: Hoboken & Jersey City, NJ

Engagement | Julia + Michael | Irvington, NY

Love it when the couple chooses to wear colorful traditional outfits like Julia and Michael on their engagement session. We had so much fun with Julia and Michael on their engagement session at Irvington, NY.Photography: MJ Location: Irvington, NY

Engagement | Brittany & Michael | Monmouth University, NJ

Brittany and Michael's summer engagement at Monmouth University, NJ captured by NY NJ Wedding Photographers Pearl Paper Studio.

Brittany just got her master’s degree at Monmouth University, so naturally it had a special place in her heart. When Monmouth University grant her access to do her engagement photos on their grounds we were all excited and thrilled! Tall columns, old architecture~what is there to not to love! Photography: MJ Location: Monmouth University

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