As a bride, you probably want to look fabulous on your wedding day.

I mean, who wouldn't, right?

But let's face it - there's absolutely nothing worse than getting a gallery full of terrible wedding photos, or hiring a photographer who makes you & your friends do a bunch of weird, cheesy, and awkward poses.


And unfortunately:

❌ You're not a professional model.

❌ You're super awkward in front of a camera.

❌ Everything else that you're seeing online IS corny and cheesy.


The good news is that we've all been in your shoes before. It sucks. We know.


Over these past 13+ years, we've photographed over 1000+ couples who've felt exactly the same way as you do. And best part? They all received photos that were fun, natural, and candid. I mean - that sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it?



And we can show you exactly how we do it!

In our FREE guide, we're going to teach you all the tips & tricks that we've used to:

✅ Help our couples look relaxed, confident, and amazing in their photos.

✅ Get everyone to smile naturally for our cameras, every single time.

✅ Quickly create gorgeous & flattering portraits of all our couples, even when we're on a time-crunch.


So when it's finally your turn to have a camera on you, whether it's for your engagement session or wedding day, we know you're going to totally rock those photos!



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