If you’re wondering where all our blog posts from the past several years have gone, you’re not alone: I’m still trying to figure that one out as well. I’ve always been told that once something ends up on the internet, it pretty much stays in cyberspace forever….of course, until it’s not. Long story short, the websites for both of our wedding photography brands were compromised in the past month or so (though it’s still unclear to me why anyone would want to hack into a wedding photography website). And after many, many late nights on the phone with tech support without any resolutions, we finally made executive decision to break up with our web hosting provider of over 10+ years.

And quite honestly, we couldn’t be happier.

We’ve found consolation in the fact that our old site was long overdue for a refresh anyway, aside from the other fact that we were constantly losing emails (seriously – I’m willing to guarantee that we probably have the best response time in the industry universe). Spending countless hours listening to elevator music was not how we imagined spending most of our evenings; I mean seriously, we’ve got brides and grooms waiting for their wedding photos!

So to all of our clients and friends, we welcome you to the newly renovated home of Pearl Paper Studio. Though we’ve lost all of the blog entries from the past several years, I find solace in the fact that much of our past work is still floating around out there in internet, in some shape/form or another. Where the heck would we be, if it weren’t for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest? It wouldn’t be pretty, I know that much.

And with that, we return to our regularly scheduled programming. We sincerely hope you enjoy :).

Ben (& Karis!)


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